“The location gives the artist a peace of mind to fully get into a creative zone. [Jason] works quickly and efficiently for a smooth vibe throughout the session. Jason also has a great ear for good music…Even after the session Jason was prompt and professional when it came to turn around time. I would recommend Jason to any serious artist that requires a certain vibe to work.”

“The afternoon I spent at Lady of Noise was my first experience recording in a studio, and Jason made it unintimidating and fun. His personability, musical experience, and technological savvy brought out the best in my performance and yielded my finest-sounding recording to date.”
-Dwight Rundle, Human Voices

“Jason is a great engineer and he communicates effectively with his clients.”

“Jason is a pleasure to work with. He has a taste for good music, and a good ear as well. It’s pretty easy to communicate ideas with him and often times he seems to already be on the same page. His studio is hands down the most impressive home studio I’ve ever seen, the collection of analog equipment is a rarity in budget recording, and if you want that warm, authentic analog sound Lady of Noise is a great place to capture it.”
-Scott Blecman, Secondhand Ramblers

“Jason is very knowledgeable about getting the ‘right sound’…He offers suggestions, works tirelessly on ideas and concepts, and he’s never satisfied until it’s just right.”
-Paul Smith, songwriter

“We had a great experience at Lady of Noise, and we look forward to the next project that can take us back into the studio there. Jason is an innovative sound engineer who has the most important skills for getting quality recordings: patience, experience, and an open mind. I love the vibe and the top notch equipment at Lady of Noise. I’d recommend this space to anyone from a full band to a solo artist. If you have an idea of what you want to get done, he can make it happen. If you’re looking for inspiration, you’ll find that too.”