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I know it’s been a while since we’ve updated, but we’re happy to say that it’s been very busy at the studio! Here’s what’s happening at Lady Of Noise Recording Studio:

Tony from Greythor tracked his drums at Lady of Noise. Stay tuned for the upcoming EP!

One For The Wicked is currently tracking an EP, melding moody, dark rock with metal riffs that has a little something for many different listeners.

Drew Champion is attacking from two angles with an acoustic self-titled project and the grit punk of the Split Seconds. These are still in the pipeline, but are great tunes showing off his musical talent across genres…keep an eye here for the release info!

Behead The Betrayer brings the metal with Distinguish Hate Through Aggression. Their first single, “Extinction” is available on their Facebook page. They are and will be sharing the stage with some big names in metal…check out the album review here!

Songsmith continues working his folk magic, hopefully finding some love along the way. His song “Children of the World” raises awareness about world hunger: Children of the World, Songsmith

The Knolly Moles  have finished their EP Melancholy Bob. To buy your copy, click their link and check out a show! Keep an ear out for new TKM on 98Rock as well!

Debo is an up-and-coming talented young singer and songwriter who has compiled an impressive musical resume for his age. He’s back again, tracking 4 new tunes that show maturity beyond his youth. Last year, his recordings at LoN resulted in an honorable mention at the 30th Annual Mid-Atlantic Song Contest in the Rock/Alternative category (against artists of all ages, I might add) and inclusion on the 2013 Peer Awards Music CD for the 2013 TIVA-DC (Television, Internet & Video Association) Peer Awards! What’s to come next?

Check out General Freshness by Barking Caucasians on iTunes! Several tracks recorded and mixed here at Lady Of Noise!

Several hip hop artists are spreading the word with vocal sessions at Lady Of Noise, including Lost Poet, NMEz, Rick Spitta with Legendary Music Group, Mic Danger, and PM.

Jazz singer and pianist Michael O’Connell brings some grace to the studio with his album of classics! (And we can certainly use the grace, thanks Michael!)

The Will Sing For Food Project is an indie rock collaboration with area artists benefitting local charity. They are gathering ideas, musicians, and bringing it all together here at the studio.

Thanks for visiting; help these folks out and support local music!

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